Saturday, 14 December 2013

Preteen Deathfuk - I Don't Remember (2013)

 Coming right out of the woodwork (well the United States underground Black Metal scene) Preteen Deathfuk's I Don't Remember is some of the most intense Blackened Crust/D-beat you'll ever have the exact pleasure of hearing. I started listening to the band earlier this year after finding a torrent for them, of course seeing the name Preteen Deathfuk drew me in, if that doesn't then I don't know what else would, this album is an instant cult classic. It's raw, brutal assault of blast-beat drumming and harsh recessed vocal gives the whole album all of the material needed to be an instant classic amongst any Blackened Crust aficionado. Not to mention their cover of Anal Cunt's I lit your baby on fire, is also noteworthy. (Note: There are two different alternative cover art designs for this album, I found this one more preferable).

Download (Zippyshare)


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