Monday, 16 December 2013

Archagathus/Death Toll 80k split [2009]

This split, between the already legendary Canadian mincecore band Archagathus and the extremely competent Finnish death/grind band Death Toll 80k, shows quite how finely honed both have their respective crafts. At just eight minutes long, it passes by in a flash, but within those eight minutes, there are so many points at which the music does exactly the right thing (when you feel like you need a blastbeat, there's a blast, when it's a slower groovy part that's needed, that's included, and when an awesome Unholy Grave cover, well, Death Toll 80k take a crack at 'Confession'). Not an introductory record to grindcore, but certainly worthwhile for fans of the genre.

Sample (Archagathus - Dance Hall Derelict)

Download (Zippyshare)

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