Thursday, 12 December 2013

Hades Archer - For the Diabolical Ages [2011]

Whenever two people make a noise quite this potent, it's quite a special feat indeed. Admittedly, when one of them is also a member of Force of Darkness, it's less surprising, but notable nonetheless. For the Diabolical Ages is this Chilean two-piece's call back to the days of old, both to the legendary Cogumelo scene (Sarcófago, Chakal, Sextrash et al.), and to a lesser extent to Blasphemy and the other Ross Bay Cult bands. The effect of this is a relentless black metal-oriented assault, but with an acute awareness of the need for hooks in good music. Although the follow-up The Curse Over Mankind wasn't quite up to the same standard, its nearly equivalent quality means that any future Hades Archer release is likely to be one of the black metal highlights of the year.

Sample (Sodoma Eden)

Download (Zippyshare)

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