Saturday, 1 March 2014

Assück - Anticapital (1992)

One of the most interesting grindcore bands to come out of the U.S. (and Florida at that) politically charged Assuck come at you like a ton of bricks. With perhaps one of the greatest grindcore drummers of all time Rob Proctor, and one of the best vocalists in the scene at the time Paul Pavlovich; the legendary grindcore band was bound for success. This posthumous release embodies everything that anarchist's want lyrically and what grinders want aesthetically, accentuating all the basic premises of what's to be expected from such a wondrous and redeeming band, you will never feel so full of anger and hatred for the system until you've had the pleasure of listening to this full-length. With tracks reaching intervals between eight seconds and one minute and twenty five seconds the release encompasses the usual grindcore song length. The brutal, intense, and I cannot describe in words how intense and spot on the drumming is with this album, but the blast beats are so spot on it's insane, the grinding guitar riffs and poetically well written lyrics give the listener a splendid insight on what grindcore is SUPPOSED to sound like and not like the shite that's produced today. This reviewer highly recommends listening to this album even if you aren't into grind, it's well worth your time, as is their later discog release - Anticapital/Blindspot/3. Enjoy.

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