Friday, 28 February 2014

Yacöpsae/Res Gestae/La Vendetta 3-way Split (2008)

An exceptional three way split between German powerviolence giants Yacöpsae, La Vendetta, and Res Gestae. As we all know powerviolence is the one of the most extreme forms of hardcore punk. Fast and relentless, and very unforgiving, this split emphasizes all of those characteristics.Yacöpsae's performance is especially exceptionally and unforgettable in this split, possibly one of their best when compared to other splits - Yacöpsae/Fuck on the Beach, Yacöpsae & Rot split, etc. The heavy dissonant sounds, speed, and brevity of this split is just jaw dropping, each band does an exceedingly impressive job of pumping full blown iconoclastic and socio-politically charged adrenaline through you, you will not be displeased with this split in the slightest.

Download (Zippyshare)

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