Friday, 28 February 2014

Ulver - Vargnatt (demo 1993)

It's hard to describe the sound that Ulver purvey in their first demo, I suppose many would refer to it as depressive and avant-garde as this seems to be the case. The demo's first track  'Her Begynner Mine Arr' is quite an interesting composition, the music starts with a slow and steady riff and quickly progresses into essential blast-beats and Garm's very peculiar vocals make it hard to place the demographic of which they are trying to appeal. The rest the album supports quite well especially the next few tracks leading up to 'Nattens Madrigal' (not to be confused with their posthumous black metal album) the track certainly conveys the feeling of being one with the night that is certain, it's starting tone is exceedingly dreary and atmospheric, and possesses a certain eeriness, then it slowly slides into very heavy black metal riffs but unlike those to other Norwegian second wave black metal bands at the time, Garms vocals loose and heavy fit the track very well it gives it a complete feeling to it, the composition is well worthy of the title. It maintains within every deep polyphonic riff the true meaning of darkness and despair. Overall this demo is highly underrated and well deserving of praise which it hardly gets.

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