Saturday, 1 March 2014

MASSES - Horde Mentality EP (2014)

Those of you who have the displeasure of knowing me, know that I love post-punk. And this is a particularly delicious tidbit of the genre. Like a surprising amount of my favourite modern bands, MASSES hail from Melbourne, Australia, a place known more for its beautiful sunny weather and nightlife than its depressing goth population. MASSES' debut EP, Horde Mentality is an excellent - albeit brief - example of modern post-punk. Taking clear influence from the classics such as Bauhaus, The Smiths and even a little Nick Cave, and playing with an irresistible punk energy, MASSES create a sound that is both classic and fresh. Clocking in at just over ten minutes long, this 4-song EP is short and sweet. The vocals in particular stand out, and they along with the chord sequences never go the way you expect them to. Misdirection is the key word here. A definite recommendation for those who wear their hair in Scissorhands style.

Looking forward to hearing a full-length soon.


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