Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Drive Like Jehu - Drive Like Jehu (1991)

Drive Like Jehu was a post-hardcore band from San Diego, California who from 1990-1995 made two of some of the most influential albums in the post-hardcore genres. Though short lived, they paved a way for many bands in the new millennium. This album, the band's debut, is a very straightforward and cutting album. Filled with driving grooves and powerhouse drumming, the album is a pummel fest. Rick Froberg's vocals range from punk rock rasps to almost grunge-esque clean vocals. Songs like Step on Chameleon and Good Luck in Jail have infectious hooks on the verses and choruses, locking in the listener. This album also features multi-faceted songs with longer lengths such as O Pencil Sharp and If It Kills You. Drive Like Jehu's ability to project raw emotion is almost unparalleled.

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