Sunday, 12 January 2014

Breach - It's Me God (1997)

Post-Hardcore is notorious for having a generally bad rap with most of the musical community today because of certain bands that try to define themselves in the genre. Swedish band Breach however took the post-hardcore namesake and put it to good use. Between the mid to late nineties (and into the millennium) Breach produced several good albums further enhancing the genre, certain members of the band would later form the Post-Metal/Avant-Garde group Terra Tenebrosa. With this release however Breach took things to the next level. It's me God, is an incredible display of musicianship and vocal ability, you certainly haven't heard Post-Hardcore done right like this since Fugazi's days. Each track gives it's own signature sound, some more sludgy and abrasive others more with the post-rock aesthetic, all in all it leads to plenty of tumultuous climaxes throughout the album which gives the listener more the reason to check out their other releases, which this reviewer highly recommends.

Download (Zippyshare)


  1. absolutely crushing and yet moving at the same time. just saying, it would be much appreciated if this was re uploaded! ty